Sounds from nature are the most inspiring things we experience through our life. What we try to achieve with ACCUVE is the reproduction of various real sounds.

 ACCUVE would like to introduce a new 2ch stereo loudspeaker system. We could develop a new and superior plane wave loudspeaker system reproducing 3D real sounds.

 Now let me help you experience the new world of real sounds.


 Sounds are made by the flow of air pressure. Loudspeakers are equipment to generate the flow of air pressure. There are two ways to make sounds using the flow of air pressure: direct way affecting the flow of air pressure like lightening and indirect way generating the flow of air pressure by using the movement of an actuator like ordinary loudspeakers. To play back sounds close to an original one, it is essential to make the movement of an actuator similar to that of the original sound signal as much as possible. ACCUVE presents ideal loudspeaker systems which is capable of reproducing original sounds by adapting a newly-developed actuator to electrostatic loudspeaker structure.

 3-D audio effects

 3D audio effects are a group of sound effects that manipulate the sound produced by stereo speakers, surround-sound speakers, speaker-arrays, or headphones. This frequently involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener.
 The ACCUVE's 3-D audio is the spatial domain convolution of sound waves using a plane waves. It is not transforming sound waves to mimic natural sounds waves, which emanate from a point in a 3-D space. Only two plane wave ACCUVE's speakers allow trickery of the brain using the ears and auditory nerves, pretending to place different sounds in different 3-D locations upon hearing the sounds, even though the sounds may just be produced from just 2 speakers. It is dissimilar to surround sounds or a group of sound effects which using head-related transfer functions.

 Ventilative diaphragm

 ACCUVE's loudspeakers are characterized by a ventilative diaphragm for an electrostatic speaker. In the case of a non-ventilative diaphragm according to the related art, when a diaphragm is as close to a fixed electrode as it is affected by a ground effect, an increase in the pressure between the diaphragm and the fixed electrode due to the ground effect is directly transmitted to the non-ventilative diaphragm, which causes a reduction in sound pressure in a low frequency band due to the ground effect. However, according to ACCUVE 's embodiment, when the pressure between the ventilative diaphragm and the fixed electrode increases due to the ground effect, the effect of the increased pressure on the ventilative diaphragm is reduced by fine holes formed in the ventilative diaphragm. Therefore, the ventilative diaphragm is less affected by the sound pressure that is lowered due to the ground effect in a low frequency band than the non-ventilative diaphragm according to the related art.

 Real sound itself!

 Most loudspeakers nominated as the best loudspeaker in Hi-end Audio market try to pursue the re-creation of 'natural and practical sounds.' Why should their sounds be natural and practical? That's because we already know that over-stepping each loudspeaker's physical limit is quite hard. Most of the contemporary loudspeakers are thought to be instrumental machines mixed with sound-playback functions. Or, they are the machines making what we wish to hear. ACCUVE makes loudspeakers which play back ideal sounds based on original signals. The ideal sounds can be played back by the only reproducing mechanism without separating the whole range of audible frequency such as the bass, the mid-range, and the treble. We make loudspeakers which protect the integrity of original sounds. Our masterpieces have a distinctive feature of re-creating even and super sounds through the whole range of audible frequency and from the slightest sound to the loudest sound as well. We hope that we could share the happiness of enjoying ideal re-creation of original sounds with you.
If sounds reproduced by a loudspeaker represent the characteristics of an Audio System, our ACCUVE's sounds will give you full satisfaction in the following aspects;

1. High resolution
2. Depth
3. Atmosphere
4. Midrange purity
5. Naturalness
6. Transparency
7. Presence
8. impact
9. Rhythm & pace
10. Focus
11. Holographic imaging
12. Transients
13. Bass resonance
14. Dynamics
And all of the above aspects will be connected to "the undistorted reproduction of real sounds". Our masterpiece, ACCUVE will be the only one that can present you the excitement of reproducing original sounds.


  • This product is manufactured by processing diaphragm using a technique patented in electrostatic structure that is ideal for speakers.
  • Vibration membranes produced in a special way, screening and pair matching, and stand-up Transformers built individually for each manufactured speaker unit, all of which are hand-made and selected.
  • A stunning balance across the audio frequency, playing on a single static speaker unit, reproducing the seamless actual sound.
  • ACCUVE's 2ch plane wave reproducing technology opens a new history of 3D real-life acoustic technology with clear, transparent sounds that surpass reality.
  • With semi-permanent durability that's not comparable to traditional capacitive speakers and automatic response to climate change, we'll always be able to deliver optimal sound quality.

  •  Specifications

    Frequency Response 20~20000Hz(-6dB)
    350x1350mm pure full range ESL

    Low & Full Frequency Responses (ACCUVE S)

    Linearity (ACCUVE S)

    Square Wave Responses (ACCUVE S)


    US Patent 8284967 / China Patent 200780023864.3 / Japan Patent 5081906 / Korea Patent 0850872